Dain Gordon

Card design done for Jonathan Wing (director, video editor, musician, etc.) This experimental design and execution reflects the creativity and risks he takes with his work.

Complete branding package for a top surgical center in NYC. The radical design separates NYO+ from a very homogeneous field. Despite the unorthodox approach, the work has been well received amongst doctors, patients, and the general public. All print, environmental, and identity work was done by yours truly.

Work includes graphic design and contributing art direction for layouts on issue 4 of Vaga. Several concepts for a digital edition were also developed.

Building an identity for yourself can be a difficult thing. Personal materials include business cards, invoices, resumes, and portfolios for web and print.

Window display for an amazing resturaunt in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Catching the eyes as well as complimenting the rustic interior. Prisms are used to cast light night and day.

Design for an experimental project by Perf Productions blending live performance and film. Perf Productions was awarded a one year residency at The Living Theatre in NYC for their work.

Specialized in branding, editorial design, and omni-channel commerce solutions for digital companies and publications ranging from start-ups to established global brands in fashion, retail, and technology. User experience and interactivity were of the utmost importance.


Commissioned for the booklet and signage for the opening of Reed Young, Michael De Pasquale, and Annalisa Merelli’s project. In 2011 they documented India’s rapid growth and often forgotten middle-class.